911 Advanced Life Support
We are staffed with a Paramedic and an EMT or Paramedic and Paramedic on every ambulance that responds to emergency calls. This gives us the capability to provide advanced care at a scene or enroute to a hospital. An EMT can provide basic assessment and treatment such as CPR, oxygen and use of specialized equipment. A Paramedic can provide basic care along with advanced level assessment and treatment such as, IVs, medications, cardiac monitoring and electrical therapy, and advanced airway management.
Emergency Transfers
In the event you have a life-threatening illness or injury and you would need a higher level of care, we provide emergency care and transport to a hospital with specialized services.
Non-Emergent Transfers
In the event you have a NON-life threatening illness or injury and you would need transport from a local hospital or facility, to a hospital or facility with specialized services, we provide the non-emergency transport. Additional, we provide non-emergency transport to your residence, long-term care facility or another medical facility, usually by appointment.
Event Stand-Bys
We provide an ambulance and crew or a team for special community events that require Emergency Medical stand by coverage. We have two specially-equipped all-terrain vehicles available to assign to these events.
Community Information & Education
We provide community information through our website, speaking engagements, presentations, demonstrations and ambulance showcases. Our South-Central Training Center ( has many educational opportunities for the public and for medical/emergency personnel. We are recognized as one of the top non-college based training center in the State of MO. We are also American Heart Association accredited training center. Examples of educational offering include: CPR, First Aid and advanced emergency medical classes. For more information or to register for a class please follow the link listed above.
Mobile Integrated Healthcare (MIH)
Also known as Community Paramedic/Paramedicine, is a new and evolving way for us to utilize prehospital personnel (Paramedics) to provide additional non-emergency services for our community. Paramedics are able to facilitate and enhance access to primary care. Our Paramedics receive specialized training to offer the following services: care for patients recently from the hospital; transport to urgent care or mental health clinics; hospice support; follow-up treatment for specific disease processes; preventative care and ensuring patients may not need to utilize hospital emergency room services.